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Are domain names the new digital gold rush?

Buy a domain name today and you could set yourself up with a nice little nest egg. That’s because domain name registration in the UK can cost as little as a few pounds a year, yet yield hundreds of thousands when sold to the right buyer.

So how do you know which domain name is the right one for you to invest in? Well the simple answer is you don’t, but with good foresight and general market awareness of future products, trends, events and so forth, you can speculate on what types of domain names will be hot property in years to come. In fact, if you’re lucky, you might even find some really good domains still available today.

Your best bet is to register a good number of domain names; after all, you need only strike with just one of them to return a tidy profit. Once you’ve selected the domain names you want to register, look for a cheap UK domain name registration company that offers secure and swift domain name registration. Then place a holding page that points all your domain names to an enquiry or bidding area. If you take up hosting, some domain hosting companies offer free domain names too.

Finally for anonymity it is highly recommend that you protect your privacy when registering the domain names by selecting a service that hides your personal details from the domain name public registry.

Good luck with your searches!

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